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ISOMED 2100(Well-type Counter)

Many different nuclides to choose from
Measurements in 4π geometry, i.e. the sample is surrounded on all sides
by the scintillator crystal
Graphical display of the energy spectrum
Automatic dead-time and background correction can be activated
Integrated quality controls according to DIN 6855-1 (IEC 61948-1)
Measured values can be saved, exported, printed and graphically displayed … Continue reading…ISOMED 2100(Well-type Counter)

ISOMED 2010 (Dose Calibrator)

The Dose Calibrator ISOMED 2010 is designed for fast and precise measurement of
activity and volume activity of radioactive isotope used in nuclear medicine for diagnostics and therapy.
The radioactive substances for measurement are available in liquid or gaseous form and are used to.
fill hypodermic syringes, injection bottles or sealed ampoules. Solid radioactive substances
can also be measured (capsules, seeds, and in vivo placements of radiation sources in brachytherapy) … Continue reading…ISOMED 2010 (Dose Calibrator)

Lead Casting

Available Shielding: any lead thickness Custom lead castings can be manufactured according to your drawings and specifications Our design assistance team will be able to help you when needed Your custom lead casted parts can be machined in our ACCC machining department to fit your equipment or other requirements. The parts can be coated to prevent the lead from being exposed.. … Continue reading…Lead Casting